Exfoliating Treatments


Silk Skin Treatment

Relaxing on the Hamam, your wet body is covered with a blend of oil infused salt. As the salt is gently massaged on the skin, removing any traces of dead cells the oils are released leaving the skin glowing and feeling like silk as never before

€40 (30 Mins)

Medex Body Exfoliation

Medex body peel revitalises and revives skin texture as it thoroughly exfoliates dead skin cells leaving a velvety smooth skin.

(3/4 hr. €45.00).


Medex Spa Body Polish & Wrap

Relaxing on the Hamam a blend of oil infused salts will remove all dry dead skin cells preparing your body for a detoxifying and nourishing body wrap on our floatation experience.

(1&1/2 hours €90.00).

Sublime Body Wrap

Experience pure relaxation of body and mind with our sublime body wrap on our dry float. During this blissful treatment your skin is intensely nourished while sacred lotus flower extract an Qi marine calms your mind.

(45min €50)


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