Massage Treatments


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Treatments work on the theory that there is a reflex point on the foot relative to every part, organ and gland in our bodies. By treating the feet, a healing effect on the whole body can be achieved. The overall sensation is soothing and relaxing.
By appointment only. € 45

Mer & Sens Hot Stone Body Massage

More than a massage method, Mer & Sens is a complete purifying remineralising and relaxing treatment. The sculpting techniques are carried out with hot volcanic and marine stones. This treatment helps bring about a sense of total relaxation and well-being.

1 hour 15 minitues € 80hot stone



Reiki is a universal healing energy treatment. Sometimes energy blockages in the bodies chakras can manifest themselves physically, Reiki helps clear those energy blockages to enhance the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Reiki works on several different levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and is a deeply relaxing holistic treatment to work on all these levels to heal the body and soul. By appointment only.

1 hour € 65

Swedish massage

An invigorating massage which releases muscle stiffness and tension, improves circulation. Promotes general well-being.

1 hour € 66 half hour € 35

Aromatherapy Message

A luxurious massage of sheer relaxation using specifically selected essential oils, blended together. Your treatment will be tailored to suit all your individual needs.

1 hour € 66

Indian Head Massage

An old Indian ritual used to alleviate symptoms of stress and tension. Ideal for those prone to headache. Sinus or ear infections. Promotes feeling of relaxation and well-being.

30 min € 35