The Physio Rooms

Fitness matters to you. Coping with pain and injury can be tiring. It can also stop you doing the things you enjoy. Engaging in a formal assessment and treatment program can relieve your pain, get you moving better and build your Health. If your pain is lasting longer than 72 hours you may benefit from a treatment. Our priority is to help you feel better.
staff_for_feldaWe are Chartered Physiotherapists passionate about Excellent Healthcare. We enjoy treating all kinds of people and all manner of conditions. Usually we treat people with sore backs and necks, arthritic knees, painful shoulders and sports strains. We also treat injured athletes, pregnant women, unsettled babies and people with headaches. Each treatment is 45 minutes. Our assessments will find the source of your pain and diagnose your problem. We will offer explanations and solutions that are meaningful to you. With new skills and an exercise program, our commitment is to improve your Health.