Top Fitness Tips: Number 3

Set Realistic Goals:

We have all been at the start of a fitness journey. Whether it was trying to get fit, lose weight, run faster or further (maybe both together). Generally we will set up high expectations or look for the fast track to getting results. For example, I’m going on holidays in 4 weeks and I want to lose 2 stone. Or, my 5k PB is 25 mins and I want to run under 20 mins in my next race in 3 weeks. While losing 2 stone is achievable as is running 5k in under 25 mins, to do this in the time frame given, however, is unrealistic. You are therefore setting yourself up for disappointment straight away. This in turn could lead you to abandoning your fitness journey.

So, how can we adapt these fitness goals. Start off by setting both short term and long term targets. Your short term targets are what you are focused on achieving and will change every time you reach them. The long term target is the culmination of all the short term targets and in essence your main goal. Imagine going on a very long journey by car. It is going to take 5 hours to get there. If you are focused only on the final destination it seems so far away and daunting. However, if you focus on getting to the next town and then re-evaluate when you get there and pick a new town the journey will go by much faster. You should also reward yourself on the way. As you set your smaller goals link a reward to it such as getting a new top, getting a massage etc. This will help you to stay motivated and focused.

A good way to set up your goals is by using the SMART method.

  • S = Specific. Make your goal specific. I want to lose weight is very general. Do you want to lose 1 pound, 5 pounds or 14 pounds. Set a specific target.
  • M = Measurable. You have to be able to measure your goal. For example if you are looking to lose weight you can use scales. If you want to tone you can use a measuring tape.
  • A = Attainable. This is where you use your short term goals as a journey to your overall target. Have targets that are achievable. By reaching these you will stay motivated and energized.
  • R = Relevant. Make sure your goals are relevant to what you want and not what someone else wants. If you are reaching for something that ‘you want to achieve’ you will be more motivated.
  • T = Time Bound. Set an end date to achieve your goal. Again use smaller goal times as a progression to your main goal.  By setting a time frame will again keep you focused and motivated to stay on track.

Good luck to anyone starting their fitness journey. Hope this is of help to you. If you need any help reach out to us here in Felda.