Top Fitness Tips: Number 6


Exercise classes are a great way of of getting fit whilst having fun at the same time. With loads of variety there is something to suit everyone no matter what level you are at. You can have anything from high intensity classes such as HIIT, Tabata, Les Mills Grit and Spinning to lower intensity such as Pilates and yoga. You have fun dance classes such as Zumba and Strut to full body toning in Les Mills Bodypump, Kettlebells. Here are some of the benefits of doing classes….


Motivation comes in a few different forms. Firstly, you have a instructor at the top of the class giving encouragement and motivating everyone to do their best. Secondly, by being surrounded by like minded people, all pushing themselves, this is going to motivate you to do your best. The energy in a class can be electric. Finally, you generally need to book in advance to participate in a class so this is going to motivate you to attend.


Not only is the instructor there to inspire, motivate and encourage you but they are there to structure the class so that you are gaining maximum benefits from it. The class will be choreographed/ planned ahead so that it runs smoothly and easy for people to understand and follow. The instructor will also ensure that you are performing exercises using proper technique.


People find a sense of community in classes. You find a common bond with people who are working towards the same goals as you. You will see a lot of the same faces each week and friendships are often formed.

Variety and Fun:

As stated earlier there are a wide variety of classes and that there will be something suitable for everyone. By trying the different classes you will find something that you love and this will help you stay on your fitness journey. Classes are also great fun. With upbeat music, great camaraderie between instructor and participants along with encouragement between people the class studio can be a great place to exercise.

Unfortunately at the moment due to the COVID-19 restrictions classes are not allowed but when restrictions eventually ease and classes are deemed safe again why not try a class. If you are unsure speak to an instructor in your gym and ask which classes would suit you best. If you are not a member of a gym reach out to a facility that teaches and get their advice. Here at Felda we have a wide variety of classes so if interested why not get in touch and we can advise you on which classes might suit you best.