******* IMPORTANT NOTICE *******

We would like to remind members not to arrive early for your gym, pool or class sessions as you will not get in before your allotted time. We have 15 min gaps between each session (45 mins midway through the day) to allow for cleaning but also to ensure that there is no mixing of groups on entry/ exit. This is so that we can control contact tracing in the case that it is needed. We have set swimmers times 15 mins after gym times for this reason so as not to be interacting with gym goers. Therefore we would ask swimmers not to queue with the gym goers but to wait in your car or away from the door until your time slot. Again we would also like to remind everyone to wear a face mask on entry to building and until you get to your area and again on exit. These measures are put in place for your safety and under guidance from our Fitness Representatives. We thank you for your continued support and understanding in these tough times but if we stick together we will get through. #staysafe