10 Fitness Tips: Number 3

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10 Fitness Tips: Number 3 Set Realistic Goals: We have all been at the start of a fitness journey. Whether it was trying to get fit, lose weight, run faster or further (maybe both together). Generally we will set up high expectations or look for the fast track to getting results. For example, I'm going [...]

10 Fitness Tips (Number 2)

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10 Fitness Tips: (Number 2) Get Enough Sleep: Sleep plays a major role in the repair and maintenance of all systems of the human body both physical and psychological. While you sleep the body works hard to repair, recover, build, strengthen, grow and defend. Therefore, if you are chronically under rested these processes will be [...]

10 Fitness Tips: (Number 1)

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10 Fitness Tips: (Number 1)   'Aim to get at least 150 mins of exercise per week'.   Today's top 'Fitness Tip'. Regular physical activity is essential for good health - both physically and mentally. The recommended amount is 150 mins of moderate intensity physical activity per week. This can be broke down to something [...]