Charity Static Spin Cycle:
In conjunction with Cycle Against Suicide we are organising a Charity Static Cycle on Monday 24th April to help raise awareness around Men’s Mental Health. We are looking for members to get involved and to participate in the event. We will have 2 Spin Bikes with 30min timeslots throughout the day (from 7am until 9pm). You can book your slot at reception. There will be an opportunity to donate on the day also.
In Ireland, suicide disproportionately affects men with three out of every four suicide victims being male. This event will be a truly positive way to promote Cycle Against Suicide’s anti-stigma message: It’s OK not to feel OK; and it is absolutely OK to ask for help.
Suicide is devastating and suicidal behaviour has a profound impact on those around them, but suicide is preventable. Cycle Against Suicide’s work is to raise awareness around mental health issues, reduce stigma, encourage well-informed action and ultimately prevent suicide. Gyms play an important role as health and wellbeing centres within our communities, and this position makes our participation key to helping Cycle Against Suicide raise awareness for mental health, and in particular men’s mental health. By hosting this event we hope to be able to encourage an inclusive community vibe and push forward the messages of cohesiveness, de-stigmatisation, and positive coping.