We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Due to the announcement by the Taoiseach yesterday we will now be closed until the 19th April. Again this will be reviewed in accordance to guidelines we receive. We are all facing difficult and worrying times. I would recommend having some structure to your day, take time away every day from social media and the news, look after your mental health, get some form of exercise in every day, watch your diet, enjoy spending time with those you live with. Make some use of your days – get those jobs you’ve been putting off around the house done, do an online course or study up on anything you might have an interest in. This time will pass so try and make the most of it. Again we cannot emphasize enough how important it is that WE ALL play our part in trying to slow down this virus. Remember it is not only how it might affect us but also how we could affect those around us. Make sure you adhere to all the recommendations from the government and by medical professionals. Stay at home, practice social distancing when you have to go out, be very strict with all the hygiene recommendations. Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will all get through this safe and sound and get back to normality soon.