We will be launching our new class timetable on Monday 20th July. Due to the current restrictions there will be some changes and we have set strict guidelines which must be adhered to.

  1. You must book your class in advance.
  2. Bookings will be made through our Glofox app. as per normal.
  3. You can only book 1 class per day. This is to make it fair to everybody.
  4. Booking for each class opens 3 hours before start time.
  5. You must have filled in our online COVID-19 questionnaire before taking part in your first class. (If you already have filled in for the gym that will suffice) – Click here to fill in
  6. You must not attend Felda if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling unwell.
  7. Arrive 5 minutes early for class and leave immediately after.
  8. You can only come in for class – ie. you can not use the gym or pool before or after a class
  9. There will be no changing or showering facilities so come dressed ready for class
  10. You must have a towel and water in class (there will be no water fountain)
  11. On arrival you will be assigned a grid number. This is the grid you will work within during the class
  12. You will make your way up to the studio following the one way system. Ensure to maintain social distancing (2m) while making your way to the studio.
  13. Everybody will enter the studio from the Ladies side and make your way straight to your grid number.
  15. On completion of class you must wipe down all your equipment with the disinfectant provided.
  16. Everybody will then leave the studio via the door to the Gents side again ensuring to maintain social distancing. You will leave the facility immediately.

Click here to see the new timetable