Technogym Excite Vario:

You will have noticed we got some new cardio equipment last week. 2 of these pieces were the Technogym Artis Vario. These are unique in the way they follow your stride and automatically adapt to movement. Enjoy a broad range of exercises from the first step with the innovative self-start system.

Training made easier: 
Biomechanical design optimises user posture and movement trajectories. This balances workload distribution leading to a reduction in perceived effort, whilst maintaining calorie expenditure the highest in it’s category.

Optimal Start:
The Vario has a self start device that helps your first step to avoid potential pedal blocking. You’ll be able to freely adapt to your movement preferences, and have a varied workout by making the most of the 0-83cm stride length range.

Natural Training Experience:
Whether you feel like a vertical step, a brisk walk or an energetic run, you can freely adapt your stride length in a totally natural way. It automatically adjusts to user preferences, instead of user adjusting to the equipment.

Ask one of instructors to show you how to get set up and start using.

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