Felda Pool Area


There is something magical about the healing effect of water on our bodies physically and mentally. Remember our bodies are 60% water.

As an invigorating start to the day, or maybe as a wind-down after an energetic work-out or busy day at the office, members can enjoy a few lengths in our magnificent 25 metre heated swimming pool. We also offer two Jacuzzi to lie back and relax in, or for a really deep cleanse, we offer a poolside steam room and sauna, ideal for easing aching muscles and refreshing the skin.


* NEW privacy pool glass frosting in place around our Felda pool *

Working out in the water is also a great way to come back from a sports injury, recover from surgery, or maintain your fitness up while you’re waiting to get back to your usual weight-bearing sport, like running.

Low impact exercises including swimming are also ideal for pregnant women. Gentle aerobic exercise will maintain a good level of fitness which will help make labour and the subsequent busy time with a newborn easier to cope with.

Aqua aerobic classes and swimming lessons are also available.