Direct Debit Monthly Membership


Please note that any person setting up a Direct Debit membership will have to pay an administration fee of €37.50 up front. This is not your first months payment. The first month payment will come out on the 26th of that month and the 26th of every month thereafter. If the 26th does not fall on a working day the money will be taken out when the bank re-opens.

– Monthly charge of €37.50 to come out of a Southern Current Account only.

– Any defaults will be charged an additional €5 in administration costs. If an account defaults more than twice the administration costs will go up to €10. This must be paid when paying your defaulted month.

– You can cancel your Felda membership by handing in written confirmation one month in advance.

– Revolut Cards can not be used to set up Direct Debit.

– If setting up a Direct Debit for someone else please put their details in ‘Additional Notes’

– These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms you sign on your Direct Debit bank mandate.