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Membership in Felda Health, Fitness and Spa also includes free admission to the Fitness classes held in our large and fully air conditioned studio.

Felda offer over 50 fitness classes a week including:

  • Move-It 360 – These programs are professionally created and designed to use our functional training area to bring continuous improvement to your training. These are high intensity classes using functional movements to give you the complete workout.
  • Kettlebells – are a centuries old training tool that look like a canonball with a handle. This class uses dynamic moves to exercise many parts of the body simultaneously while elevating the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.
  • Spinning – an anaerobic and aerobic workout on a stationary bike simulating all the experiences of outdoor cycling with sprints, inclines & jumps, a fab fat burner! (3 class levels)
  • Khai-Bo – An enjoyable mix of aerobic and boxing drills combined to ignite your metabolism and keep it fired up.
  • Boxalates – a combination of high intensity (Khai – Bo style) boxing incorporated with Pilates conditioning for improved core and all over postural strength.
  • Cardio Reps – a full body, high intensity, workout using a mix of aerobic exercise and weight training.
  • Zumba Fitness – Zumba fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system that will blow you away.
  • T.R.X. – also known as suspension training, this class develops strength, balance, flexibility pl core stability and strength simultaneously.
  • Core Stability – using a Swiss fitness ball to tone & strengthen posture & balance & increase core stability.this workout targets the postural muscles, strengthening and toning the abs (2 class levels)
  • Abs – 15 minute shaping and toning workout concentrating on the abs
  • T.K.O – a great all over body conditioning class, incorporating punching and kicking techniques. A high intensity,stress busting, fun class.
  • Step Core – a combination of step aerobics and core stability
  • Aqua Attack – aerobic exercise performed in shallow water. It uses the water as resistance for exercises then are normally done on land such as jogging or jumping jacks. Aqua can have the same benefits as other types of exercise but offers a lower risk of injuries to the muscles and joints.