The Club
Felda refers to Felda Health, Fitness & Spa, its staff, employees, sub-contractors, agents and representatives. Facilities refer to the Gymnasium, pool, Spa pools, Fitness studio, Spa facilities, showers and changing rooms.

Members of Felda are bound as a condition of membership to comply with the rules set out below;

Felda has absolute discretion to reject any application for membership or renewal of membership at anytime, without giving any reason for doing so. In any such case, an appropriate refund of all or part of any membership fees paid will be made.

Felda reserve the right to require any member, guest or other person to leave the premises at anytime.

Membership may be renewed on payment of the prevailing fee and in accordance with the terms and conditions then in force.

By joining Felda, members automatically accept and agree to be bound by these conditions of membership.

Felda may withdraw use of all or part of the facilities of the club for the purpose of undertaking maintenance work or any other work considered necessary. Compensation will not be given for such closures.

Members are entitled to use Felda during normal opening hours; Monday to Thursday 6:30am – 10pm Friday 6:30am – 9pm Saturday, Sunday & B Hols 8:30am – 6:30pm

Felda reserves the right to vary the opening hours as considered necessary for the proper operation of the facility.

On acceptance of an application of membership, the member will be issued with a membership key ring, which will remain the property of Felda and, upon termination of membership, will be returned to Felda.

All members must produce their membership key ring on each visit to the club.

A €5.00 charge is made for the replacement of lost membership Key Rings.

Membership is restricted to person’s aged 16 and over.

Pool. Spa Pools, Sauna, Steam Room and Changing Rooms
Users who are not competent swimmers should only use the pool when a competent swimmer accompanies them. In order to maintain good standards of hygiene, all users of the pool, sauna, steam-room and spa pools must shower before and after use.

Suitable swimwear must be worn at all times in the facility.

Users of the above facilities are advised to make themselves aware of the manufacturers recommendations with regard to their safe use. (Posted in each area)

Lockers are provided for the use of members and guests.
Lockers may not be used overnight, members who do so are liable to find that the locker is opened and locker contents removed. Removals of such items are strictly at the member’s own risk.

Members are requested to use a padlock for lockers. Locks and replacement locks are available for purchase at reception.

In the interest of safety and security please use the lockers provided. Felda can have no liability for goods taken from the changing rooms or lockers. Attention must be paid to all relevant signage in each area.

Guests of members are welcome to use the facilities of Felda after they have completed the relevant guest registration at reception.

A member must accompany all guests.

Guest fees are €10.00 per person (Fee may be changed at the discretion of Management)

Members shall at all times be responsible for the conduct of their guests while on the premises and shall ensure that such guests comply with the rules and conditions of the club.

Safety and Hygiene
No chewing gum allowed on the premises.

Throughout the course of your membership with Felda, regular health and medical screening should be sought from your general practitioner.

All participants must complete a written health-screening questionnaire before commencing use of the facilities.

Before using the fitness facilities you should go through a basic introductory assessment with one of the fitness staff, to ensure that you understand the equipment and adopt a safe training regime that suits you.

In the interest of hygiene, when using the exercise equipment you must carry a hand towel and wipe down each piece after use. Studio users are advised to inform the instructor of any injuries, pains or concerns prior to the class starting.

Users are advised to take special care when choosing a class that is appropriate for their level of fitness, if in doubt ask an instructor for help.

Shaving is strictly not permitted in the steam-room, sauna or shower area.

By using the facilities at Felda you are irrevocably confirming and declaring that:

Your  membership starts immediatley on the date that the payment is completed for the duration of the membership subscription.

You do so at your own risk.

You are fit to undertake the activity that you are participating in.

You have taken all relevant medical and professional advice to ensure your safety, to verify your fitness and to confirm your suitability for membership.

You have received sufficient instruction so as to make you competent in the activity you are undertaking, on all relevant equipment.

You will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and other.

You will immediately inform Felda of any accident or incident that occurs.

You agree not to hold Felda responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage that you might sustain however this may occur. You agree to indemnify Felda against any liabilities to any third party arising out of your use of Felda.

You agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Felda, which may be varied by Felda at its sole and absolute discretion.

You will at your own discretion and expense, obtain personal insurance for loss, injury or damage that might sustain arising from use of Felda.

Felda will use its best endeavours to ensure that all facilities are maintained and in good working order. However, Felda accepts no responsibility for failure or breakdown of facilities however caused.

In the event of any dispute arising between a member and management of Felda then the decision of the Management shall be final.

Members wishing to report problems with services should go to reception.

Management reserve the right of admission and has absolute right to remove any guest or member at any time.

Felda may vary any prices stated at its sole and absolute discretion.