Monday 21st December:  Same as Normal
Tuesday 22nd December: Same as Normal
Wednesday 23rd December: Same as Normal
Thursday 24th December: No Classes
Friday 25th December: Closed
Saturday 26th December: Closed

Sunday 27th December:
11.00am – 11.50am SPIN with Kinga

Monday 28th December:
10.30am Move-It 360
12.00pm STRUT with Larry

Tuesday 29th December:
6.00pm – Move-It 360
7.00pm – SPIN

Wednesday 30th December:
11.00am – Move-It 360
6.00pm – T.K.O
7.00pm – STRUT

Thursday 31st December: 11.00am – Spin

Friday 1st January: CLOSED

Saturday 2nd January:
11.00am – Move-It 360
12.00pm – Kettlebells

Sunday 3rd January:
11.00am – SPIN

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